Vatica centre, the extreme of continental Europe

Neapolis, or Vatica, is the second biggest municipality of Laconia, and also the outer tip of land in Europe. It impresses the visitor for its infrastructure in accommodation and transportation means. Here you find hotels and rooms to let catering for all tastes and the post is connected with Kythira (12 miles) and Antikythira. Its long tree-lined strip of land at the seafront is full of taverns, cafés and bars and with good reason makes for a popular destination of visitors.

Neapolis, centre of the ancient area of Voion, is the base for sightseeing in the vicinity. Unique monuments, such as the Stone Forest in Agia Marina, close to the docks of Prophet Ilia, the natural beauty of which is one of its kind, lie in wait for the visitor who wants to explore and lay eyes on a-million-year history as it unravels on tree trunks and numerous fossilized seashells.
During your stay in Neapolis you must visit Mesohori and Faraclo, with its breathtaking view, the Caves of Kastania, the monasteries of Cape Malea, which is dubbed the Little Holy Mount, the natural reserve of Lake Stoggili in Viglafia, the old castle, Saint Nicolaos and Kastani.

Places to Stay

Hotel Aivali
Neapoli Laconia

Neapoli Laconia


How to get there

From Athens:  365 km

From Sparti:  115 km

Useful Information

Area Code  27340
FIRST AID: Health Center tel:  -22222
POLICE:  -22111
PORT POLICE:  -22228
MUNICIPALITY:  -27342,  -60100-9


In Neapoli beach, in the coasts of the Palm Tree Grove in Agia Marina, in Pounta, Nerantziona, Magano and Palaiokastro


"Vatika", cultural and athletic events in the summer 

The Carnival Parade