Elia - Plytra - Archangelos

On the waterfront
The cosmopolitan southeast version of Laconia is defined by the names of «Elia» and «Plytra». The richly dowered brides in the Laconian Gulf coasts have become synonymous of the sea, the influx of yachts that anchor in the picturesque harbour, and the cheerfulness that is given from their bars. The anxiety to visit them is indeed beyond control...
Elia hosts other than the romantic sunset and fishing boats of the inhabitants, many swimmers, lovers of good fish and anyone that enjoys their vacation at a leeward resort and a substantial stop before the trip to the rest of south-eastern part of Laconia. Particularly acute lately is the interest in investing in this charismatic place.
A few kilometers south of Elia, and after you turn right after Asopos, you get to a place chiseled with excess imagination from Mother Nature. Its name is Plytra, beach and port, parts of a beautiful harbor that screams every summer from vividness, tones of freshness, fun and beautiful youth. The entertainment crosses everyone that will desire to visit the famous bars of Plytra, which is in an upward trajectory of tourism in recent years without having lost its traditional origins. It is worthwhile to see at the seaside of the village, the Roman ruins and Paleokastro, with its unique view at the cliff top.
Either on your way to Neapolis or as you are leaving it, it would be “prudent” to stop over in Archangelos, a picturesque small town at the seafront, whose lucid blue waters are hiding the remains of an ancient city which was submerged right there in 375 BC.

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Hotel Elea Mare
Elia Molaoi Lacoia
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Elia: The festival of Analipsis
Plytra: Cultural events in early August
Archangelos: The fete of Saint Marina on the 17 of July and of Archangel Michael on the 8 of November