Plain Laconia (Evrotas)

Fruitful land 

Evrotas river, named after king Evrotas of ancient Sparta, who constructed a special canal to give stagnant waters an outlet to the sea, is the cornucopia of this fertile valley around the municipalities of Skala and Elos. Its springs are high up in Taygetos and Parnon and its estuary is in Laconia bay, thus forming a Delta of exquisite natural beauty.
The place's agricultural production matches up to its natural wealth. The olive oil, the oranges, the lemons, the peppers, the tomatoes, the aubergines, all farmed in the area, are first quality and are exported the world over. Skala and Vlachioti stand out in farm production with their Agricultural Co-op and their state-of-the-art oil press respectively, with Glykovrisi and Elos following suit. There is an agronomist institute in Asteri, which conducts analyses of the soil, the water and the farm produce of the area.
The visitor must definitely try the local products, take part in the summer fetes as well as enjoy the of the ancient classical performances in “Epidavrio Theatre” at the top of the hill of Prophet Elias in Vlachioti.



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July 20 : Fete of Prophet Elias
July 26 : Fete of Saint Paraskevi.
Early August, in Glykovrisi, “Nikokleia”, athletic events as a tribute to the ancient champion of the olympic games Nikokles
Summer: The Orange Festival in Stefania