Laconian Mani


Wild Beauty, looketh in pride
When you set sail for … Mani, your path will be full of memories from the honored historical past, reminiscing the uncompromising spirit and pride infused in the air of this land for centuries. Laconian Mani epitomizes the treasured values of times gone by in its stern rock formations and its lucid waters, which is why it an attraction for visitors all year round.
Tradition prevails. It accentuates the numerous traditional town formations, its stone towers and castles, its churches and its well preserved family heirlooms. After all family is the most powerful ingrained backbone of its society. Areopolis, 58 km from Sparta, with its stone-paved roads and its tower-houses, constitutes the trade and administration centre of Mani – here is where the flag signifying the Greek Revolution of 1821 was raised, on March 17.
You must pay a visit to Limeni, to see the palace of the grand ruler of Mani, Petrobei Mavromihali, one of leading protagonists in the Greek Revolution of 1821.
Mani has also been rightfully associated with another unique monument, of natural and cultural value the world over, the renowned Diros Caves, in Pirgos Dirou, 63 km from Sparta. Vlihada Cave – info: 2733052222 – goes beyond any imagination with its decorative stalactites and stalagmites, interlaced over millions of years in the guts of the earth. The guided tour by boat in the lake towered by the Cave is so mystical that the exploring traveler wishes for no end. The impressive fossilized bones of panthers, hippopotamuses and lions are reminiscent of an era long-gone.
Wandering the quarters of Mani in Laconia is like walking through a new place each time and the calls from the different parts of the grand puzzle this wild natural beauty makes up, go beyond what the human mind can conceive, erotic and mystical. Oitylo, Neo Oitylo and Karavostasi, Kelefas Castle [1670], Gerolimenas, Mezapos, Vatheia, Kotronas, Flomohori, Lagia, Kokkala, Agios Kyprianos, Porto Kagio, Cape Tainaro – they are but a small sample of the never-ending appeal this new land of serene self-confidence. The brave ones amongst you, come!
Savory Temptations
Olives, olive oil, smoked hum of Mani, thyme honey poured over the unmatched pancakes, green mountain tea and exquisite spices, the famous “loupina”, the fresh seafood served in the local ouzo cafes and taverns, all of them in unison will tickle your senses with their delight, will gratify your senses with the blissful contentment that comes after spending your day swimming and diving in the numerous coves and rocky inlets in Mani’s shores.



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Pirgos Mavromichali
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Limeni Mani
Traditional Guest House
Porto Kale
Porto Kagio Mani

Gastronomic Relishes

Touring the area sharpens the travellers appetite and they crave for a well-cooked country meal. Those people who want to get away for a weekend or for a few days during public holidays have the opportunity to organise raids of geostrategic gastronomy. So you should stop in New Oitylo and Limeni to taste red mullets at the local seafood restaurants, in Areopolis for braized kid,  whereas in many quaint taverns of Messa Mani you can be served delicious braized meat, kayianades (scrambled eggs with or without sausage), chicken with traditional noodles and sun-dried tomato, soaked rusk, olives, salty goat cheese and, of course, the renowned salt pork known as syglino.

The tower Mani

Landmarks of the area, the Towers of Mani which have recently been restored under the auspices of the Greek Organisation of Tourism (GOT), adorn Laconia with their authentic architecture. The most outstanding are those in Moudanistika, Nomia, Mina and Stavri, Philippakos' tower in Alika, Voudiklaris' and Lazarogonas' in Koita, the hospice-towers in Vatheia (Exarhakos', Drakoulakos', Giannakos', Mitsakos'), and finally Mavromichalis' and Kapetanakos' towers and the tower-museum of Pikoulakis in Areopolis.