The Land of Gods ( Gaea Theon)

The cosmopolitan feel, an island atmosphere and a rich array of choices is the first impression that strikes the visitor of the so-called Land of Gods. It is here that god Apollo had a fight with Hercules over the magic tripod of Delphi Oracle, to finally make friends with each other and give the place its name. Gytheio was the port of ancient Sparti and soon developed into the foremost export centre of Laconia.
In the north of the city today, on the hill, the relics of the acropolis bear witness to the ancient city. At its foot lies the ancient theatre, still in use today during festivals. The ruins of roman structures bring home the times of prosper of the Roman Era, when it was part of the Commons of Free Laconians. The amphitheatric spread of the town on a mountainous terrain overlooking the blue sea gives it an aura of an island: neo-classical buildings, two or three-storey tall, around the port with its many colorful fishing boats, which make sure there is always fresh seafood on the tables of the ouzeri at the seafront, make up a picturesque place to stay.
Gytheio is a well-organized tourist resort, with its own representative of the Greek Tourist Organization Office, modern hotels, renovated hotels and hostels, camping sites, and blue-flag awarded beaches, to some of which the caretta-caretta sea turtles come to lay their eggs.
In the beaches of Selinitsa and of Mavrovounio, you can enjoy swimming or do sea sports, especially surfing thanks to the favorable winds of the area. In the small island Kranai, in the south of Gytheio, you can visit the historical and ethnological museum in the Tzannetaki tower (est. 1829) and also get a bird’s eye view of the blue sea from the marble octagonal lighthouse (est. 1872). Pausania records that this is the island where Paris spent the night with Helen of Troja before they traveled to Troja.
You may also want to partake in the cultural events of Gytheio, such as “Marathonisia” in mid-July which last for a month, with music events, theatrical performances, athletic events, the big open market for the week after September 14 and the “Marida Festival” on September 30.


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Alkion Apartments
Mavrovouni Gythion
Thirides Beach Hotel
Mavrovouni Gythion
Saga Pension
Aktaion Resort Hotel
Selinitsa Gythion

Exploring the place

At a distance of 10km towards Areopoli the remains of the castle of Passava are still lying where the French conquerors built it to be their base. Along the coastline of Gytheio, for 43 km the options for a dive are many, in Ageranos, in Kamares, in Glyfada and in Valtaki. Of course the marvelous cluster of small islands, with their crystal clear waters and their natural seclusion, will steal your heart.