An emerald gem … on Laconia’s crown 

The rich culture and history of Greece make these places a great travel destination for people looking for a worthwhile vacation. The amazing architectures and famous landmarks in this country will surely leave you in awe. The breathtaking sights and scenery that you will witness here will also inspire you. If you are looking for a getaway that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should definitely go to the island of Elafonisos.
The peninsula, once known by the name Donkey Jaw (due to its shape), used to be a natural continuation of Peloponnese in Laconia bay. The island of the red deer (CERVI) and of hunting enjoyed the protection of Goddess Artemis as becomes evident from the ancient temples remains in the region.
Today, it stands out again, only this time due to its emerald blue sea surrounding it and the rays of the southern Greek sun kissing it. It is common knowledge that Elafonisos is the final touch on the portrait of Laconia, ready to receive scores of visitors seeking to indulge in the bliss of its purifying azure in Simos beaches, at the bays of Sarakiniko and Panagia (at the northwest of the island), with its unique sunsets for the romantic at heart. In Simos there is a fully organized camping of a capacity of 130, which meets the needs of a demanding visitor. The white dunes and the cedar groves add to the unspoiled natural beauty of Elafonisos.
For the enthusiastic traveler, only a few minutes from the coast (Pounta Voion) towards the port of the land will suffice to get you reunited with the landscape. The ferries run regularly (every one hour from 7am to 11pm) and are always on time. On the eastern part of Pounta, in between Pavlopetri and the coast, are the ruins of a proto-Hellenic civilization found in 1968.
On arriving at the port of Elafonisos, you are greeted by the picturesque church of Saint Spyridona, while a few meters away the aromas from an array of taverns will make your mouth water. Fresh fish, octopus and first quality seafood is always found on their menu thanks to the local fish boats. Of course, cafés and music bars in modern style and the best of moods promise you an alternative for your entertainment, always in line with the environment.
Elafonisos will attract you not on the grounds of its glamorous and noisy events but because of its natural beauty and its tranquil ambience. So .. take your time and enjoy yourself!
Do not miss out on the feast of the church of Mother Mary Katonisiotissa , on August 15th and also on the “Festival of the Fisherman”, at the end of August. These of course come after the festivities in commemoration of the unification of the island to Greece, on July 6th – 9th .


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Elafonisos Diamond Resort
Panagia Elafonisos Laconia


August 15th, Fete of Panagia Katonisiotissa
The "Fisherman's Festival", end of August
July 6-9, festivities for the island's union with Greece