LOFOS, cafe-snack-bar , Vlachioti Lakonia, Prophet Elias

From a vantage point

At the most privileged position in the plain of Laconia, at the top of the hill of Prophet Elias in Vlachioti, the café snack bar “Lofos” was born. With modern style, and unique places to enjoy coffee and food, staring at the plain, the sea and the mountains of Laconia, “Lofos” is becoming "a must" for Laconians and visitors.
It offers playground for carefree moments of gaming, as well as a mini football stadium 5x5 for the “big boys”. At the same location lies the “Epidavreion” Auditorium of Vlachioti. “Lofos” is therefore the greatest place to relax after having enjoyed a theatrical or musical show.


“Lofos”, enjoyment with view




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Direction : Fotodimou Christina
Vlachioti Lakonias 23055
Landline: (+30) 2735 042252
Mobile: 6936 599477
e-mail: lofosailias@gmail.com