Epidavreian Amphitheatre

    Plain Laconia, Vlachiotis




Sainopouleian Amphitheatre, Magoula


The Saenopoulio Amphitheatre, in Magoula, west of Sparta, hosts chief theatrical performances in the summer, ranging from ancient theatre to contemporary artists in concerts. It has been qualified as the most beautiful modern theatre in Greece.(tel.2731082470, -28878)



Epidavreian Amphitheatre, Vlachioti 


With Evrotas’ river fertile valley at its feet, Taygetos and Parnonas mountain ranges at its back and the Laconia bay in the background, this terrific amphitheatre, carved in the hill of Prophet Elias in Vlachioti, gives its summer visitor full satisfaction attending classical ancient tragedies, the works of the great tragedians, as well as other music events and concerts of famous composers of Greek music. On the grounds of this same hill you will find dining facilities and an exemplary 5x5 court. For more information about the programme of events contact Elos Municipality (tel. 27350 42211).